sun so bright that i’m nearly blind
cool, ‘cause i’m wired and i’m out of my mind
warm as the dope running down my spine
but i don’t care ‘bout you,
and i got nothin’ to do
free as the water and air that i breathe
even freer than DMT
feel the warmth of the sun in me
but i don’t care ‘bout you,
and i got nothin’ to do
love in the middle of the afternoon
just me and my spike in my arm and my spoon
feel the warmth of the sun in the room
but i don’t care about you
and i got nothin’

i think i’m in love,
probably just hungry
i think i’m your friend,
probably just lonely
i think you’ve got me in a spin now,
probably just turnin’
i think i’m a fool for you babe,
probably just yearnin’
i think i can rock and roll,
probably just twistin’
i think i wanna tell the world,
probably ain’t listenin’
come on

i think i can fly,
probably just fallin’
i think i’m the life and soul,
probably just snortin’
i think i can hit the mark,
probably just aimin’
i think my name is on your lips,
probably complainin’
i think i have caught it bad,
probably contagious
i think that i’m a winner, baby
probably Las Vegas
come on

i think i’m alive,
probably just breathin’
i think you stole my heart now, baby
probably just thievin’
i think i’m on fire,
probably just smokin’
i think that you’re my dream girl
probably just dreamin’
i think i’m the best, babe, come on
probably like all the rest
i think that i could be your man, oh, probably just thinkin’

i think i’m in love

ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space 

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